I am born and brought up at Mumbai, qualified as B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Art-Painting) and A.T.D (Art Teacher Diploma) from J.J. School of Art, Mumbai.

And now I reside at one of the Holy places of Maharashtra i.e. Nashik.

It’s a very pleasant place where I really enjoy my Professional as well as Personal life, only because of the valuable support of my life partner Mr. Rajendra Sinkar.

It gives me a great pleasure to express my gratitude, that after the completion of my art education by grace of ‘GOD’ I got the chance to give my art service in the form of paintings at the God’s temple.

Based on the life of LORD DEVMAMLEDAR YASHWANT MAHARAJ, SADGURU SHRI DADAMAHARAJ RATNAPARKHE memoirs a bible “YASHWANT LILAMRUT”. Based on this bible 22 paintings are portrayed by me. While doing this work on YASHWANT MAULI I was not living in the world of thoughts but in real world hence in all paintings lot of zeal was there. These paintings have been portrayed at the temple of YASHWANT MAHARAJ in holy place Satana of Nashik district (Maharashtra).

SHRI. YASHWANT MAHARAJ was the scholar of SHRI. SWAMI SAMARATHA and ‘Guru Bandhu’ (brother) of SHRI SAI BABA of Shirdi and SHRI GAJANAN MAHARAJ of shegaon.

Before I could understand the vast and beautiful world of art I recognized my art in the form of ‘Rangoli’. I use to make colourful Rangolis on every auspicious occasion. My talent was noticed by Mr. Kishore Nandavdekar, who himself is a renowned artist. he and my parents help me to complete my formal education from J.J School of Art.

During my course of action I met with the world renowned artist Mr. Vasudev Kamat and Mr. Vijay Aacharekar who taught me the art of sketching and landscape paintings.

With this wonderful journey of my carrier in Arts I was awarded with a bachelor degree in B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Art). Simultaneously I completed diploma in Art Teacher with flying colours.

I like to do my work by using different medium like water colours, oil colours and Acrylic colours etc. By keeping the integrity and characteristics of these medium.

Water colours reflect the flow, sparkle and lucidity of the paintings.
In Nature beauty is spread every where. However you need to train your senses to see and record this beauty. Beauty is manifested through innumerable things such as conches, shells, leaves, flowers, butterflies, birds, animals, fishes, the unfathomable ocean, varying moods of the sky, sunrise, sunset, the rainbow, flowing rivers with the rippling water and so on. Thus, Nature drawing becomes inevitable to keep beautiful forms, colour harmony, simplicity and their variety embodied permanently in a picture.

"Eyes are the mirror of our heart. It helps us to deeply observe the nature to introspect various shapes and, colours."

Its gives great pleasure to select the subjects of drawing from nature because we can play with different shapes and colours freely. These colours shape our emotions and through light to create a drama is really an invention.

Like landscape, portrait, subjective paintings, working with Mural Paintings is also joyous. In that also we can beautify the place by Natures different shapes, colours, and mind thinking. Through paintings people in contact with such places should feel that we are in nature’s beauty to refresh our mind.
If a picture on a particular subject, viewers feeling through eyes touch to mind. They realise the subject, the feelings immediately. This lasts long in their mind or eyes. They enjoy it longer. With this intention I am trying to create picture on good subjects.

Life! A beautiful journey in which every moment has its own colors and that can be shown on a piece of canvas.