Ragini Sinkar secured her Degree in Painting from well-known Art College, JJ School of Art, at Mumbai.

creating human being is the biggest mystery of God and nature is the biggest Souvenir to mankind. By making research man is showing his creativity through nature. If we get emotionally involved with art then it’s of too good quality!

Man remains making various researches on and on applying his brain. However if it is linked or applied along with art it would be excellent.

At the first step art of painting is material oriented. All that is essentially required is colours, brush, canvas etc. As we move ahead with the help of our brain and mind i.e. our creativity and our feelings the subject get portrayed on canvas. At the first instance we look at the object in the nature, than we look in to the beautiful nature and we start realizing the creativity in nature. At that point in time object become immaterial and whatever comes on the canvas are the waves of pure feelings in our mind which are nothing but outcome of realizing the true nature. This is the position which more than material. Here we don’t draw on canvas but the painting gets drawn itself.